May 2021 Vestry Minutes


Holy Cross Episcopal Church

Vestry Meeting

May 20, 2021


Members present:  Adam Alphin, John Bennett, Carl Danielson, Dan Morton, Krista Anderson, Kathy Welliver, Lee Stroud, John Weisz, Michael Cobb

Members absent:  Kimberly McIrney

Guest:  Ellen Wells, Holy Cross Financial Manager


The meeting was called to order by Carl Danielson, Senior Warden, at 6:33.  Carl opened the meeting with a prayer for guidance from the Book of Common Prayer.

Now that we are returning to inside worship, Jan Eudy (contact person for Greeters) and Jim Scott (contact person for Ushers) should be contacted so Greeters and Ushers will be available for services Sunday, May 23.

Carl passed around a schedule for the remainder of the year for Vestry Person of the Day (VPOD).  Vestry members were asked to write their names on dates they would not be available.  Vestry members were reminded of their responsibilities when serving as VPOD:  count number of parishioners in attendance; count offering; complete VPOD form.  Krista Anderson and Lee Stroud agreed to serve as VPOD Sunday, May 23.

Michael Cobb explained that Bishop Skirving has not lifted Covid-19 restrictions so we are still required to wear mask, social distance and abstain from singing.  We will continue to follow these guidelines until further word from Bishop Skirving.

There was discussion on how to maintain social distancing in the sanctuary and how to clean the church after services.

The meeting was adjourned and the vestry went into a closed Executive Session.


Respectfully submitted,



Lee Quinn Stroud, Clerk

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