Meet the Eyles

CV: When did you first start attending? 
SE: We started coming this spring. I think in May. 

CV: How did you hear about Holy Cross? 
SE: E Stanfield. E and I have been friends for about 5 years and met because Hazel and Dylan were in the same class together. She knew Stephen and I were looking for a new church and she invited us. 

CV: What kept you coming and attracts you to Holy Cross? 
SE: The people. There is a genuine love and kindness in this church which we immediately felt. And our girls love Jonathan and the children's program. (We do too!). Both girls are excited to come to church each Sunday. 

CV: Any other comments about you and Holy Cross? 

SE: Stephen and I grew up in the evangelical church and have always attended church. When we moved to Wilmington 11 yrs ago, we started attending a church and over the years their congregation grew tremendously. With that growth, we found it harder and harder to find our place and stay connected or connect with other members. We like the small congregation of Holy Cross. We also appreciate the liturgy. It is new for us but we immediately connected with the beauty of the service. We had attended contemporary services for probably 20 years, and longed for more tradition. We missed things like communion, which are seldom done in the church we attended - probably because of their size. The liturgical service, as well as the teaching from Jerry, Chana, Andy and others have helped us hear and understand the Bible in a new way. It's refreshing. 

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