Michelle Carpenter

Michelle Carpenter first attended Holy Cross in June 2010. She says, "Holy Cross was the answer to my prayers!" After the birth of her son Augustus she was looking for an Episcopal church near her. Voila! Holy Cross had just dedicated its new building in May 2010 and it was almost across the street from her! Michelle is a cradle Episcopalian and was active in her church as a youth. However as a young adult she had become inactive until she felt drawn back into a church community as she started her family. She had tried other churches but sought a service with more traditional music and similar to her Episcopal roots. Both of her children were baptized at Holy Cross Augustus regularly attends Godly Play children's Sunday school.Abigail her daughter can be found on Sunday's in the nursery also known as the Seashells!

Michelle is the primary teacher for the Seashells assisted each week by another dedicated Sunday school volunteer. Michelle explains that she kept coming back to Holy Cross because the community has a "welcoming spirit". She feels comfortable here at Holy Cross. She says, "We are family and not pushy." Michelle also contributes time as part of a cleaning crew for the church and is a member of the Long range Planning Committee.

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