Newcomers - Team Update

I am excited to report on all the great work being done by our new newcomer teams! As you know, we held a newcomer brainstorming forum in January.  We wanted to put together a comprehensive program to welcome newcomers/visitors and help them become as much a part of the Holy Cross family as they wish. We were also concerned that some existing members of Holy Cross had not been seen in a while and we wanted to reach out to them to see if we could serve them in any way.
We divided into three teams.  The first team - Becky Wall, Marian Hills and Rene Lemons - is currently working on "first impressions."  They are re-doing the visitor table so that it is more pleasing to the eye and filling it with information about Holy Cross.  I am really excited to report that the team is producing  an information gift bag which will include a DVD about life at Holy Cross!  Much of the filming has been done and the team is doing a wonderfully creative job!
The second team headed by Harold Layne is working on ideas for making visitors welcome at the service and afterwards showing them round the building, introducing them to members and answering any questions. He is also working on making coffee hour an even more welcoming time where we can all enjoy the company of new and existing members. Check out the new space on Sunday!
The last team is called "Whatever happened to?"  Linda Lashley, Chuck Harrill, Donna Dunlap and Judith Beckett are identifying and contacting people who have been toHoly Cross but haven't been seen here in a while to see whether they have any needs we at Holy Cross can fill. This is a painstaking process which would not have been possible without the work of Carolina Villa and Barbara Zenobia who  have completely updated the parish directory. Father Jerry has been wonderfully supportive of this team and we are very grateful to him.
We do need your help of course! Please greet anyone who has a handwritten name tag and, starting in May, please also greet anyone wearing a typed name tag with a "smiley" face sticker on it.  We make permanent name tags for everyone after their first visit so the smiley face will indicate to you that this is a person still new to Holy Cross who might like  to be welcomed back.  
I am so blessed to be working with such wonderful teams but I am also very conscious that the newcomer ministry must involve all of us to be successful. Perhaps pass the peace to someone you don't know, help them with the service if they look lost and greet them after the service!
If you have any ideas for newcomers or would like to become involved with this great work, please contact me at or 910-620-4255.
~ Roni Hursthouse

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