Pete and Polly Lake

Pete and Polly Lake first started attending Holy Cross this past June. They live near the church off of Myrtle Grove Road and would drive by quite frequently.  They decided to attend one Sunday after trying two other area churches.  They explain, "One was too loud and felt like a rock concert.The other was too quiet."  However, after attending just once they felt Holy Cross was "just right"!  They feel that Holy Cross is an "overwhelmingly friendly atmosphere but not too intrusive or overpowering".   They are attracted by our Outreach programs, especially the Habitat for Humanity.

They were previously very involved in the Habitat for Humanity in the Plattsburgh, NY, and even had helped to start the program up in that community. Here at Holy Cross Pete and Polly have participated in the Good Shepard food pickup on the fifth Saturdays of the year. They also like our social events and are participating on the committee exploring a Wine Tasting Fundraiser here at Holy Cross. They have also spent time with the Friday night beach crowd and are looking forward to their first get together as part of an appetizer Supper Club group. Pete also attends the adult education Bible study held on Sunday at 9 AM. He has also helped  with our yard work.

Although they would like to see more young families here at Holy Cross, they like our "older" crowd. However having said that they may ask their 2 grandchildren some Sunday to come with them and try out our Godly Play program for our youth Sunday school. They definitely like the size that we are since it is similar in size to their previous church. When asked,"What is one word you would use to describe your experience here at Holy Cross?", Polly replied "Welcoming", and Pete said, "Friendly".

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