Priest Corner for January 5th, 2023

 From Your Priest’s Corner

The Holy Feast of Epiphany is here. What is an epiphany? A sudden awareness of something that comes from somewhere or out of nowhere.

Yet like in the scripture the 3 wise men seemingly appeared from nowhere. But is that really the case? Why did they come. Sure, they followed the bright star. Sure, they came bearing gifts.

What is the gift of our epiphanies? A sudden awareness of something new but didn’t we already know it on some level. The aha moment that makes sense! The aha moment that suddenly makes sense that came at the right time at the right place. It is that sense of knowing. Maybe a gift of knowledge? It is that gift that feeds our soul. May we all experience that gift in this season of Epiphany.


Selecting a Senior Warden is an epiphany of sorts. That individual is affectionately called, the Pastor’s Warden. The ask comes with a knowing but the outcome is never known until spoken. After a period of discernment, it is with great joy that I announce to you that Lee Stroud has agreed to be my Senior Warden. Please congratulate her and support us as we move into this new year at Holy Cross.

The Junior Warden, affectionately called the People’s Warden, will be elected by the vestry members, and will be announced soon.

On another matter, please know that I am beginning to schedule more pastoral visits but am still very much wanting to continue my meet and greets with parishioners. If I have not met with you, I would encourage you to call me and schedule a time for us to meet. These meetings are invaluable to me as it provides me with information about how you view your spiritual life and the operation of this parish. 


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