Priest's Corner for 1/12/2023

As what is custom in this day and age, those who have put up Christmas decorations have long since taken them down. Since the Christian world entered Epiphany only last Friday, the greening of the church, the twinkling lights, red ribbons. and all the glitter that comes with Christmas has come and gone. Stacy and I took down Christmas too. Well, almost. “Yes, Virginia, the tree did come down.” Yes, the ornaments and other decorations are now tucked in a plastic tub in the garage. But “No, Virginia, the lights from the tree joined the strands draped across the shrubbery to shine brightly. We may be the last to take them down.

I don’t know about you, but I am not quite done with Christmas. I need more. I need the twinkling lights to remind me of Christmases past. But I also need the lights to remind me of the Light of the world, Jesus, the Comforter, the Immanuel, the Prince of Peace. In my humble opinion, every day is a Christmas Day. Think about it. If Christ lives in me and I live in relationship with him, the God incarnate, then doesn’t it mean that Christ is always with me? If I am to emulate Christian discipleship, then I am to be a vessel for the Spirit to move through, doesn’t that mean that Christ is within me. If I am presenting this logic correctly, am I not correct, then in saying “Every day is Christmas”? Each day is filled with Christ revealing himself to me.

As we move into the Second Week of the Epiphany, the Season of Light, I am reminded of Robert Benson’s prayer from his text, Venite: A Book Of Daily Prayer.

Let us pray:

“In the work of Your creation, Almighty God,
You commanded the Light to shine out of the darkness:
Grant that the light of the gospel of Christ may shine into the hearts of all,
dispelling the darkness of unbelief and revealing Your glory in the world.”
Let me be that light sharing the Gospel. Let me renew my commitment to be a disciple. Let
me O Lord, be that shining light in the darkness.

Footnote: Robert Benson, Venite: A Book Of Daily Prayer, (Nashville, TN : Abingdon Press,
2017), 25.

On another matter, please know that I am beginning to schedule more pastoral visits but am still very much wanting to continue my meet and greets with parishioners. If I have not met with you, I would encourage you to call me and schedule a time for us to meet. These meetings are invaluable to me as it provides me with information about how you view your spiritual life and the operation of this parish.

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