Priest's Corner

Dear friends,
I think all clergy moan then they realize that they have survived Holy
Week and Easter and taken time for restoration, only to find out that the
3rd week of Easter the pace has not slowed down but is indeed picked
up a little. That’s the feeling that I experienced this past week and
certainly the beginning of this week.

What I am learning is that my mind gets distracted with all the busyness, sometimes my
mind wanders, and I can easily get caught up in my worries and concerns of the day. It is
certainly an uncomfortable place to live. I suspect that you have experienced this too.
What am I doing about it? I am engaging in intentional prayer. Simple prayers like “Thank
you, Lord, for the beautiful sunny day!” and “Thank you for my morning coffee!” These
prayers may be prayers of thanksgiving; and at the same time, I am also keenly aware that
the prayer does reflect the opposite of what I am experiencing with others. For example,
this morning the sun is shining and the blue skies above Wilmington are glorious. I am so
grateful for where God has “planted” Stacy and me. And, in the State of Oklahoma, so many
are suffering from the effect of dangerous weather systems. The clouds are black and
ominous as tornados threaten destruction. As I begin to feel helpless, all I can pray then is,
“Lord, keep your creation safe.”

These simple prayers keep me in dialogue with God. The communication airway between
heaven and earth is open. I imagine 18-wheeler trucks, delivery trucks, and the Volkswagen
Beetle with the “prayer-passenger” tucked inside moving up a two-lane highway skyward.
God’s response descends with a Mustang or a Corvette or with the ease of an Amish Horse
and Buggy. But I have faith in the knowledge that the highway is always open which allows
me to relax, recenter, and if needed, I can start my day over again.
Have a blessed prayer-filled day!

Rev. Anne+

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