Saint Francis Way Update

St. Francis Way

The Saint Francis Way is a nature trail located on the property of Holy Cross.  In 2019 a committee was assembled to see how we could best improve the nature trail.  Shortly after we had several work days to finish clearing the path.  We installed entrance arbors and a Saint Francis statue,  hung prayer signs designed by our children, constructed a sandbox, tree-house and slackline, had a blessing and grand opening, and hosted our first highly successful play-date!  We couldn't have done this work without our wonderful volunteers who support the vision of the Saint Francis Way.

We are all very excited about moving forward with this ministry-in-progress!  Please continue to visit the nature trail and email Jonathan or Rene if you would like to volunteer to support hits project.  

Next on our list for work days:
Mud Kitchen Design / Build
Pump Installation
Storage Box Assembly
Additional Signage
Native Plantings
Fence Construction

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