Tim and Claire Corbett

Tim and Claire Corbett can't remember the date that they first started attending Holy Cross, but do remember that we were still worshiping at Myrtle Grove Middle School.  They had heard about Holy Cross through word of mouth.  One of the reasons they kept coming back to Holy Cross was that our worship seemed to be the right compromise of traditional and contemporary styles. 
Tim and Claire have full time careers and are parents to a five and two year old, Anna and Nathan. Because they are a very busy and active family, they don't always make it to church every Sunday or participate in every event; but the Holy Cross community has always supported and reached out to them. The  welcoming and accepting spirit at Holy Cross is, needless to say, attractive to them. They are appreciative of the children's Christian education programs. Anna just started participating in Godly Play this past September. Nathan can be found in the Seashells group where some Sundays Claire  serves as an assistant teacher. Tim and Claire are attracted also to the Youth and Family events and hope to participate soon in one of the Brinner events!  
Both Anna and Nathan were baptized at Holy Cross. At a recent Sunday service during communion some of us were witnesses of the love within this family. Nathan had just received communion and started to walk back to his chair when his sister Anna ran up to him and gave him a big hug! Apparently Nathan had some recent distress, Anna was aware of this and sought out to comfort him! Oh but from the example of children shall we all strive as a church family to show our love and concerns for others! Holy Cross is blessed to have the Corbetts as part of our community!


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