We've Come this Far by Faith

Since the Spring of 2020, we have traveled through the unprecedented experience of a global pandemic. Our lives have been altered in dramatic and unexpected ways. Within weeks, our Sunday worship services became an online digital experience. We then added outdoor services only to be challenged by the Delta variant that still prevents some of the parish family from attending in person services or social gatherings. During this time, our staff and many parishioners have taken all possible means to ensure that vital ministries and the work of our church continued. Nevertheless, we still find ourselves in the slow process of “regathering”.

This year’s Annual Giving theme, We’ve Come This Far by Faith, asks us to reflect on our journey together since our formation in 2003, moving into our own church building in 2010, through to facing the consequences of the pandemic, and to cast our gaze forward to God’s preferred future for our community of faith. It also reminds us that our financial support, in the form of a pledge to assist in paying our bills, is an essential component of our ability to carry out the work of the church. Over the past year we have journeyed on in faith and now turn our focus to the future, secure in the assurance of God’s abiding and steadfast love.

As and when we become able to fully regather our parish family, we will delight in the opportunity to worship God together with singing and engaging in the important work of rebuilding our communities. There is much to celebrate and there is much to do. More than ever, we must express our love and gratitude by continuing to pledge to the parish that is our spiritual home.

Most members of Holy Cross make an annual financial pledge. Some members tithe, committing ten percent of their income to the work and missions of our church. Others give proportionally by committing a certain percentage. Still others give as they are able. What is most important, is to prayerfully consider how we can each contribute.

If you have any questions or would like to further discuss making a financial pledge to Holy Cross, please contact John Bennett, Adam Alphin or any member of the Vestry.

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