The Episcopal Church belongs to a tradition that values Scripture, Tradition, and Reason equally -- a three-legged stool. 
Because we always begin with Holy Scripture, our approach is called the Primacy of Scripture. 

Many of the Mainline Protestant churches, most of whom began with the Protestant Reformation of the16th Century,
have what are called Confessional Documents (e.g. the Lutheran Augsburg Confession or the Presbyterian Westminster Confession)
that go into detail about the beliefs of those denominations.  Some other branches of Christianity, notably the Baptist and free church traditions,
appeal to Scripture alone (sola Scriptura) for what they believe. Roman Catholics, on the other hand, have what is called a Magisterium,
which is a compendium of all the beliefs on all issues that Roman Catholics are equired to to believe. 

As the result of our conscious valuation of reason, Episcopal Churches like Holy Cross offer a wide range of programming for both adults and children alike.

Children and Youth Education 

Adult Education