Adult Education

Christian Education Offering- The Book of Exodus

This is an Epiphany season scripture study of the second book of the Old Testament, led by Dave Watts and Chuck Dierling in the church library. Dave will lead the analyses of the Bible passages, while Chuck will lead the discussion among participants. The set of classes will start Sunday, January 9th, 2022 at 9:15 am and finish on Sunday, February 27th.  A showing of Fiddler on the Roof will take place at coffee hour, after the last class on the 27th (lol)!

Participants are asked to select a favorite Exodus passage for each session, after having read the assigned portion of Exodus the previous week. Chuck and Dave will then determine which passage will be studied the following Sunday, based on participant selections. If there is no clear favorite choice among those in the class, then the two leaders will choose a passage to be studied for that particular Sunday. The assignment for those planning to attend on January 9th is to read chapters 1 and 2 of Exodus. For the lesson on January 16, please read Exodus 3-7:14.

There are several Bibles and a couple of commentaries in the church library that are available for reference, but participants are encouraged to bring their favorite “Good Book” to class. In addition, the Diocese offers further information about Exodus through The Good Book Club, sponsored by Forward Movement. Please click here to reach that site.

 Yarmulkas (skull caps) and tallises (prayer shawl) can be worn to enhance the Jewish learning environment.  Hebrew/Shebrew words will be introduced from time to time, as well as some Yiddish phrases. Matzah balls and gefilte fish are welcome as snacks!

For those skeptics who think that the Bible is not relevant to our modern lives, a lively group discussion will take up the second half of the session, with questions designed to stimulate thought, much as has been done with the study of spiritual books this past fall. Creative questions will keep the flow of discussion strong and interesting.