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Faith Formation

Our faith formation journey is anchored in Godly Play for our children, complemented by in-depth Bible studies that delve into the weekly gospel readings for our services.  Adult classes start at 9:30 am with Children's formation at 10:15 am.

School children drawing with color pencils

Godly Play

Godly Play is an imaginative approach to nurturing children's spiritual growth. Through storytelling and interactive experiences, we invite our young ones to discover and deepen their relationship with God.

Open bible on a wooden desk with hand next to it.

Youth Bible Study

Our Youth Bible Study at Holy Cross tailors scripture to address the unique challenges and questions of today's youth. We create a space where young individuals can connect with the Word of God in a meaningful and relevant way.

Scrabble puzzle pieces that spell out I AM THE WAY

Adult Gospel Study

Our Gospel Outlook class offers an enlightening exploration of the weekly gospel scripture from the lectionary. Guided discussions provide a deeper understanding, build richer connections to the Word during our services.

Children and Youth Programs
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