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Embracing Mornings with Gratitude

Discovering God in the simple moments of our morning routines enhances gratitude and connection.

Rev. Anne Abdy

Embracing Mornings with Gratitude

Dear friends in Christ,

As a youngster, I was never a morning riser. In fact, one Christmas morning, my family had to wake me because it was already 8 o’clock. They were eager to make breakfast, open gifts, and stockings, and my dad had a Christmas Day service to attend. I crossed the hallway to use the restroom and returned to bed. A second time, my mother woke me. With more intention in her voice, she conveyed that the day was beginning and I needed to get up. Slowly gathering myself, I walked into the hallway and leaning against the wall was my very first bike! I don't recall its color, but it had training wheels. What's memorable is that I'd walked past it on my first wake-up, so engrossed in sleep that I might have tripped over it without noticing. Over the years, my family has often chuckled about how much I am not a morning person. My defense: "I can be, if there's a need."

Yet, don't we sometimes just go through the motions of life, completing tasks without much thought? Reflecting on my spiritual journey, there were moments I moved through life aware of God's presence but not deeply connected. God desires our full engagement in every task, no matter how trivial.

Lately, I've been tuning into the morning sounds: birds singing, our young cat's (a 2-year-old kitten we named Little Bit) footsteps, and the aroma of freshly brewed coffee from the automatic percolator. I savor my first cup now more than ever. I've grown to see God's touch in my morning routine, making waking up a tad easier.

How do you begin your day? Is it a rapid start or a slow ascent like mine? Regardless, before diving into your morning routine, pause to thank God.

Blessings, Anne+

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