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Finding the Lost: Reflections on Persistence, Faith, and Community

Finding the Lost: Reflections on Persistence, Faith, and Community

Rev. Anne Abdy

Finding the Lost: Reflections on Persistence, Faith, and Community

Dear friends in Christ,

Conversations with two parishioners after the Souper Supper had me thinking about lost items. (Sidebar: By the way, if you did not attend this event, you missed some delicious soups!)

Okay, back to lost things. Jesus gives us the story of the Lost Sheep and the Widow’s Lost Penny as a means of teaching us the importance of looking out for those who are on the fringe of society. We cannot leave anyone behind. But for me, these stories take on a different meaning . . . NEVER GIVE UP. WHAT IS LOST WILL BE FOUND!

You might do this too!

I generally put important “things” (a snippet of paper with a phone number, a key, a document, etc.) in a “safe place”, and when it is time to use that item-it is nowhere to be found! Fortunately, I have a friend. Yes, this friend is a Roman Saint—St. Anthony of Padua, Priest and Doctor of the Church. From the article, Who Is The PatronSaint Of Lost Things? I learned that: “He was born as Ferdinand in 1195 and received a robust education in France and Italy. When he was 15, he joined the Canons of St. Augustine, where he distinguished himself by his sharp memory. This extraordinary retentiveness enabled him to easily recall lengthy passages of Scripture – a skill which would serve him well in his future calling.”

I wish I had that talent of easy recall of scripture, but I digress. I usually pray to this Saint when I’m in dire need of finding that one item and, at the same time, aimlessly wonder about asking myself, “If I were ___, where would I be?” Do you do the same thing? Now, most times, St. Anthony comes through for me; however, there have been those times when it was only when I moved out of the residence that I found those precious items. Somehow, I always know that they are safe and can be replicated or recreated. I always know that they will be found.

I brought up the idea of lost things because we all lose things in life. For example, we lose friends because we become disconnected from each other as circumstances change in our lives. Fortunately, we never lose sight of Jesus Christ, our Lord.

At the Souper Supper, the following items were left behind and are looking for their owner.If you see them, please contact Rev. Anne.



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