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From Grandma’s Kitchen to God’s Embrace: The Soul-Warming Tale of Mac and Cheese

Rev. Anne Abdy

From Grandma’s Kitchen to God’s Embrace: The Soul-Warming Tale of Mac and Cheese

Tonight, for dinner I made mac and cheese from scratch! I cannot remember the last time I made this recipe. It was just what we needed. The melting of butter in a saucepan, followed by a flurry of ingredients quickly adding flour and milk, to the mix then cheese (Yum!), stir constantly till it thickens into to a cheese sauce. By which time the elbow macaroni is been drained of it’s water and fills the 11X9” casserole dish. Here comes the fun part-shredded cheese covering the top. 25 minutes later, it is ready to eat! Yum…so delicious!

What do you add to this meal? Growing up in my family we added thinly sliced Vienna Hot Dogs, sometimes tuna fish, or my favorite, extra cheese amongst the macaroni. It seems that breadcrumbs are always the available topping together with my favorite condiment, Ketchup, otherwise known as Tomato Sauce! Yum again! The earliest memory I have of mac and cheese is at Grandma’s house on Sundays when I was home from boarding school. What childhood memories do you have that are food related? How old were you?

What is it about mac and cheese? Well, mac and cheese, that beloved comfort food, warms our hearts and evokes memories of childhood and cozy gatherings. Whether it’s the classic baked version with creamy cheese sauce and tender elbow macaroni, or a campfire mac and cheese enjoyed under the stars, or the Kraft Mac and Cheese from the blue box, this dish is pure nostalgia. It is an universal dish.

But why mac and cheese? I don’t know. Maybe it is the casserole dish bubbling with outrageously cheesy, ultra-creamy goodness. What I do know is that mac and cheese is a keeper for holiday parties and family get-togethers. It is the quintessential comfort dish that wraps us in a cozy embrace.

If macaroni and cheese casseroles feed the body, what feeds your soul? What nurtures your heart? How did you experience the cozy embrace of God in your childhood? What are your earliest memories? How has your childhood experience(s) informed your spirituality today? 

Just as mac and cheese is a staple in any college kid’s life, so is Jesus Christ, the Savior and Redeemer of the world.



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