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Reflective Engagement in Faith

Embracing Community Feedback at HCEW

Rev. Anne Abdy

Reflective Engagement in Faith

Dear Friends in Christ,

A few Sundays ago, the Rev'd Canon Stephanie Allen visited with us, and after the 10:30 am Eucharist service, she met with the Vestry. The reason for her meeting with us was to share guidelines and insights about the Mutual Ministry Review. She prefers to call this process Mutual Ministry Reflection, which I like too. This is a methodical and systematic process whereby the vestry, the congregation, and I reflect on our ministries together after almost sixteen months of priestly leadership.

Over the course of the four Sundays in May, five questions will be posted on large Posted Notes and located under the television in the Gathering Room. It is important that as many members provide feedback to these questions. Please take time to be reflective and consider your answers thoughtfully. If you choose not to write the answers on the Posted Notes, then reply directly to me via email (, or place a message in my mailbox if anonymity is important.

The vestry decided that this assessment process and final letter of recommendation(s) to be sent to the Diocesan House will be completed by the end of July.

For the next two Sundays (5/5 and 5/12), please respond to these three questions:

  • Question 1: Considering all that we do at HCEW, what are you thankful for?

  • Question 2: At HCEW, we are grieving the loss of ____. Fill in the blank.

  • Question 3: At HCEW, we can be better at ____. Fill in the blank.


Rev. Anne+

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