Mission Statement

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Holy Cross offers numerous opportunities to serve the local and wider community. Since its first beginnings, meeting in the homes of parishioners, Holy Cross committed to use 10% of its previous year's income for outreach -- a commitment Holy Cross continues from its permanent home on Myrtle Grove Road. Holy Cross also uses its time and talents within the community.

Outreach Programs

Below is a list of outreach programs Holy Cross is currently engages with.

    Each month, Holy Cross uses about half of this income to support The Help Center of Federal Point.  This center provides emergency short term assistance for individuals living in the community of Carolina Beach and vicinity near-by. It provides: a food pantry;   emergency money for medication and medical assistance; emergency lodging; emergency rent and utility assistance; transportation assistance and clothing and miscellaneous needs as well as holiday programs such as Christmas grocery baskets. 

    Carousel provides care in a welcoming and nurturing environment to children who are victims of physical and sexual abuse. Children are referred to Carousel by law enforcement, social services and physicians. Of the children served, 80% are under 11 years old and in 2010 the most common age served was 4 years old.

    The Domestic Violence Center provides shelter and direct services to victims of violence and their children in New Hanover County.


    We will work toward the elimination of violence and oppression against women and their children and provide emergency and support services for victims/survivors of domestic violence.

    ERD seeks to bring together the generosity of Episcopalians with the needs of the world. Its programs include: alleviating hunger and improving food supply; promoting health and fighting disease; and responding to disasters and rebuilding communities.

    Leading Into New Communities, Inc. (LINC) is focused on empowering individuals with criminal histories or youth that are at-risk to become serious offenders of the justice system to make positive life choices, enabling them to become productive members of the community. LINC provides services that meet the immediate needs of ex-offenders, such as shelter, food, clothing and employment. LINC also refers clients to other social service agencies that provide services to further facilitate their reintegration into the community thus Leading Into New Communities.

    St Mary’s Health Center is an emergency dental and medical clinic serving children and adults with acute, emergency needs who have no health or dental insurance and who live below 200% of the federal poverty guidelines.  While the clinic does make a minimal charge for its services, it relies mainly on donations and all but one of the staff, including the oral surgeons who work there, are volunteers. Located in downtown Wilmington, the clinic has served 10,000 patients over the last 4 years, some of whom have made multiple visits.

    1.7 million children will have a parent in prison at Christmas. Prisoners sign their children up for Angel Tree Christmas and each child is assigned to a local church. Holy Cross members choose a child and buy and wrap a gift the child has requested.

    The Holy Cross church family fills Easter Baskets for the children of Hispanic migrant farm workers in Newton Grove.

    Holy Cross collects food donations weekly for both The Help Center of Federal Point (see above) (canned goods & peanut butter) and for the Overseas Men and Women in the Military (canned meats and soups, ready-made puddings and jello, wrapped candies, energy or granola bars, soaps, wipes and old magazines). To suggest a recipient in the U.S. military stationed overseas please contact the Coordinator.

    Good Samaritan Purse is an outreach of the Franklin Graham Ministry. Each October Holy Cross provides shoeboxes, which parishioners fill with school supplies and small toys and return in November so that they can be mailed in time for Christmas presents for disadvantaged children in impoverished countries.

    Good Shepherd Center feeds the hungry, shelters the homeless and fosters the transition of those in crisis to independence in the community. Its Soup Kitchen provides over 100,000 meals each year. It has both day and night shelters for homeless men, women and children. It has a jobs program, a medical clinic and an eighteen-month transitional housing program for homeless veterans and individuals in substance abuse recovery. Three teams at Holy Cross volunteer on a rotating basis to cook and serve a meal for about 100 every 4th Sunday.

    Hospice offers compassion, dignity, comfort and respect to infants, children and adults facing a life-limiting illness. Hospice provides health care assistance and education to support these patients and their families. Anyone -- family, friends, patients and clergy -- can make referrals to Hospice. Holy Cross volunteers provide lunch ("a meal of love") to Hospice Center staff and visitors once a month so that families can enjoy a meal without having to leave their loved ones.

    For Hospice meal preparation, contact Lenora Norris, 910-232-0873

    Volunteers collect food from area grocery stores, restaurants and bakeries for distribution to the hungry through the Soup Kitchen at Good Shepherd (see above) and 20 other local feeding groups. Each year, thousands of pounds of food that would otherwise be thrown away are salvaged and directed to those in need.  Holy Cross volunteers collect food and deliver it to Good Shepherd on the fifth Saturday of the month.

    The fourth Sunday of the month, one of five teams from Holy Cross prepares and serves meals for the homeless at Good Shepherd House.  The team members decide what they wish to prepare and each member cooks or brings the food to the Good Shepherd House.

    For those who wish, there are Food Lion gift cards to defray the cost of the food.

    The people at Good Shepherd are so appreciative, that is it sometimes difficult to discern who reaps the greater benefit, those serving, or those being served.

    Since there are presently five teams, the most one has to serve is three times a year.

    Contact: Rose Marie Dougherty: 910-794-2654 or red rotary1@gmail.com

    Members of this team are contacted by the team lead to provide the following needs: 

    • A parish member who is ill and would like some food and assistance.  Needs may be meals and/or someone to sit with or take to appointments, or to pick up food, prescriptions, etc.
    • Food needs for receptions after funerals of parish members. 
    • Occasionally there are other special receptions after a Sunday Service, i.e. church anniversaries, special guests.


    Lead Contact: Lee Stroud. 910-330-2004

    The 2016 Cape Fear Habitat for Humanity Episcopal Build will begin on Saturday February 20, 2016. Click here for more information.


    Have all of you heard or read about the Help Hub? Are you aware that Holy Cross is one of six churches who have joined together to provide emergency assistance to individuals and/or families in need?

     For years, area churches and non-profits have been discussing a more efficient way to help a population burdened with financial, drug, alcohol and/or emotional issues.  Rather than working separately, these churches decided to combine resources in a centralized location (The Harrelson Center) and work with the resources already available, both at the Harrelson Center and within the community. The Help Hub is building resource relationships so that they can better advocate for clients to obtain more long term assistance. 

    For instance, Catholic Charities is in the Harrelson Center and they are offering classes on budgeting.  Phoenix Hometown Hires accepts their referrals and aids in helping the client seek employment. Last quarter, over 375 people were advised with 63% requesting help with paying for shelter, electricity, water or medicine.  Those who cannot be helped financially are directed to other resources or helped in finding long term solutions. 

    Holy Cross Outreach is proud to donate to such a worthy operation. Besides money, however, the Help Hub needs volunteers to work a couple hours once or twice a month.

    If anyone can spare a few hours a month, please contact Rose Marie Brinton (910-200-6227) or Dora Alcon (516-729-6697).  The Help Hub is open from 9:00 to 12:00 on Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday.

    To view the 2nd Quarter 2016 Report click here.

    Phoenix Hometown Hires, helps participants with skills and strategies needed to find a job, and helps those who have obtained employment to gain stability in various aspects of their lives.   For instance, they teach resume training and interviewing skills, as well as banking  and budgeting and career planning.   On Wednesday nights, they provide a meal to assist those participating in their workshops, so that they have time to eat and continue in their development.   They wish to get as many churches involved as possible.   We welcome everyone’s feedback. Please contact either Rose Marie Brinton at redrotary1@gmail.com or 910-200-6227,  or Dora Alcon at doraalcon@verizon.net  and  518-729-6697.

Do you have suggestions for additional outreach?

We are always evaluating our projects and looking for others we have the resources to support. Contact the Outreach Coordinator with your ideas.

Would you like to donate items other than food?

Holy Cross has an annual yard sale to benefit the church and would appreciate donations. If you wish to donate items at other times of the year, Holy Cross can suggest places where you can make donations. For example:

BARGAIN BOX 4213 Princess Place Drive - clothing, books etc.


GOODWILL INDUSTRIES 709 S. Kerr Ave; 5662 Carolina Beach Rd - clothing, household goods, computers, toner cartridges, cell phones

HABITAT FOR HUMANITY 1208 South 3rd Street - furniture, appliances, hardware, construction materials

PHOENIX Clothing suitable for job seekers attending interviews (See the Coordinator)