Food and Fellowship Groups

Food, Fun, & Fellowship!

Food and Fellowship Groups are formed in September and meet several times throughout the year.  Currently we have two groups of about 10 each that meet in restaurants; one group meets for lunch and the other for dinner.  Also there are three appetizer groups of about 20 each that meet in homes. The purpose of the these groups is to have fun! For the appetizer groups, hosting rotates among various members of the group. All attendees bring an appetizer to share and their beverage of choice. It’s an enjoyable way to get to break bread with fellow parishioners and get to know each other.

HCEC Food & Fellowship Groups ----- 2017-18

 Restaurant Group

John & Sally Myers                                              910-395-5190

Becky Wall                                               910-289-4027

Bryan & Bridgette Graham                          

Milton Stevenson                                                910-352-6188

Ann Hood                                                        910-707-1656

Susan Lovelace                                                                                              910-233-1654

Ted & Judy Guilford                                     910-231-9692

Vi Bloomer                                                                                                      910-799-9318

Tom & Penny Bryan                                            910-398-8305

Jan Bjornson                                                   910-233-7131

Pat Fitzgerald                                                    910-392-0839

Kathleen McLaren                                     910-395-2581

Nick Squires

Jill Ware                                                        910-431-0352

Pati Mary Andrews.                                   703-822-1797


Appetizer Group 1

Ed & Donna Dunlap                                 910-791-3848

Claudia & John Bennett                                      910-452-4867

Diana Michel                                                         910-233-7607

Sandy & Beverly Hill                                                   910-397-7989             

Blaine & Ro Dougherty                                    910-200-8897

Judith & Carl Beckett                               910-452-4003

Martha Scholl                                              910-200-5404

Jim & Jenny Scott                                       910-686-2765

Becky Wall                                               832-289-4027

*Jan & Wayne Eudy                                           910-409-4233

Vickie Chambers                                   910-512-6373

Michael & Regina Cobb

Linda & Lonnie Lashley





Appetizer Group 2

Ada & Andy Atkinson                                         910-619-1567

Mark & Barbara Zenobia                                         910-686-3364

Merritt & Sherry Gibson                              910-231-4159

*Lenora & Mike Norris                            910-232-0810

Carolina Villa &                                                  910-352-2788

Greg Totty

Doug Fry &                                                  910-617-3404

Linda Hollandsworth                                               910-398-8400

Beth Carter                                                      910-231-5142

Lee Stroud                                                        910-330-2004

Tom Cordle

Betty & Gary Spitzer                                         910-784-0434

Frances & Dick Warner

Rene Gouverneur                                       910-231-7874

Brooke Lamson &

Tom Pollard                                              910-619-6142


Appetizer Group 3               

Roni & Trevor Hursthouse                                     910-398-8191

Chuck & Jo Dierling                                           910-793-6334

Darwin & Kathryn Dennison                                  910-470-9182

Marian Hills                                                       910-794-8734

Dan & Amy Morton                                   910-520-6247

Randy & Sue Gibson                                    910-512-5875

Ellen & David Wells                                       910-799-0366

Chuck & Pat Harrill                                           910-458-4362

Harold Layne                                                                                            910-262-0460

Carolyn & Bob Moore                                         910-616-7044

*Polly & Pete Lake                                         518-569-0230

Chris Duffy                                              

Charles & Harriet Lancaster                                  910-520-0316

Bob & Becky Underwood                          910-622-1686

Welcome to another year of food and fellowship! If your name has an * by it, you’ve agreed to get the year started. The host/ess is to choose the date and time, send emails/calls out as to when and where. Then before breaking for the evening/lunch gathering, ask who will agree to host/organize next time. It has been suggested for all to show up at the first gathering with calendars in order to pencil in the entire season of gatherings. Easy peasy!

When gathering, in the spirit of Renewal Works, please offer a scripture verse and/or a prayer. This was one of the things we learned through Renewal Works: we’re on a journey best traveled via scripture and prayer (and, of course, numerous other aids).

Please contact Ada with any questions. I’m sure there are typos - please send corrections to or call 910-619-1567.