Men of Holy Cross

Men of Holy Cross exists primarily to provide service to the parish and the community  as well as to provide a vehicle for fellowship. Membership is open to all males who attend Holy Cross, whether they are official members or not.

We come together the third Saturday of the month at Holy Cross or other designated place for Breakfast and Fellowship.   The breakfast is usually prepared by two of our members.  It is a great opportunity to strengthen existing relationships and build new ones with an emphasis on Christian values.

We also develop plans for parish and community projects at these monthly meetings and share news about what is happening in our community. These projects can include assisting Parish Life with the Annual Yard Sale, fund raisers, picnics and cook-outs.  We are also open for suggestions such as a fishing trip or tournament for all members, outings to Masonboro Island, maybe a golf tournament, a Spring Fair with lots of activities for the kids and adults, the possibilities are many.


Helping Hands is also a part of what we do.  The purpose of this ministry is to assist people in our parish with tasks they can’t do by themselves. The task should be able to be completed in one day with the help of 3-6 volunteers.