Youth and Family Ministries

Youth and Family Ministries at Holy Cross is a program designed to build community not only among our 6th – 12th grade youth but also our families and children. We seek to further our relationship with each other and with God. Currently this is done in two parts.First, youth are a vital part of this church and whereas it used to be said, “youth are the future”, we say, “youth are the church right now!” We will have events each month that will help us live the faith we learn in church not to forget the wonderful programming from our diocese, which reflects the same on a regional scale.

Second, our families and children's program. On a monthly basis we plan events to engage entire families. Help us to grow this program by inviting your friends with families to join us at each event. We look forward to serving your family by living the faith we have found at Holy Cross.

Our Vision:

We envision Holy Cross being a creative environment in which all youth and families can explore the many aspects of Christianity and learn to walk in the light and love of Christ.

Our Mission:

To provide a supportive foundation for our youth and families as they grow within our program to develop strength of character, compassionate hearts, and a richer faith as parishioners of our church community.

What we seek to accomplish:

  1. Augment the christian education programs with meaningful events and creative activities.
  2. To be based upon the values of relational ministries.
  3. To value and cherish the contributions of our youth.
  4. To encourage youth and families to participate in local, regional and national church events.
  5. To guide youth to identify talents and abilities that can be contributions to their community.
  6. To prepare youth for a lifelong walk with Christ.
  7. To support weekly programming for youth.

Our Programming

EYC Sundays

The Holy Cross Episcopal Youth Community (EYC) is a family of youth and adult companions who enjoy, encourage and support each other.  Students in grades six through twelve are welcome to be part of the EYC, which offers a wide range of gatherings and events to encourage leadership, fellowship and service.  We also reserve time time for worship and reflection.

We begin with prayer and song, followed by dinner, and end with a group activity.  The activities are related to Scripture or Biblical principles and sometimes current events or situations in which the youth are interested or in which the youth find themselves.  Some of our favorite activities throughout the year include campfires, bowling, movie nights, trips to the beach, our Sock Hop dance in which we collect socks for the homeless and Walmart Scavenger Hunts to collect items for the Good Shepherd Center, among others.

No Pressure

At EYC no one will tell you what you must believe.  We’re much more interested in encouraging questions of faith than in making sure a young person memorizes “the right answer.”  We all take part in creating a sacred space together where people can trust and share without fear of judgment.  We talk about real issues and share our doubts and concerns.  No one is perfect, and we all make mistakes.  But, we are committed to holding each other up and being there for each other.

We are blessed with a team of dedicated staff and volunteer leaders who love our youth and willingly share their time, energy and resources to help nurture everyone who participates.  Our clergy also come to youth group periodically.

Anyone in the 6th through 12th grades is automatically a member of the Holy Cross EYC Youth Group.  Come to see what we have to offer.  The events and resources are dynamic and provide diverse opportunities for today’s youth to develop their own faith and spirituality, learn about God, forge lasting friendships, experience the grace of the Holy Spirit, and go out into the world as advocates of peace and justice.