Stain Glass Window at Holy Cross

Worship at Holy Cross follows the forms and content of traditional worship in the Episcopal Church. It is a gathering of the people of God to praise and give thanks to God; to pray for our needs and those of the world; and to learn through the weekly sermons more about how to put into practice the faith we hold.

The center of each week’s worship service is The Service of Holy Communion according The Book of Common Prayer. This service is a retelling of the story of God’s long history of care and love for creation, and the fulfillment of that in the story of the life, teachings, death, and resurrection from the dead of Jesus of Nazareth, who we understand to be God made flesh to dwell among us. In eating the bread and drinking from the cup at Holy Communion, we participate in the real presence of God with us in this celebration.

All persons are invited to participate in the reception of the bread and cup at Holy Communion; wherever you are on your faith journey, you are welcomed to Christ’s Table.

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