Service of Healing and Prayer

The Healing Service at Holy Cross takes place several times per year and is a peaceful service designed to provide spiritual nourishment focused on the healing of mind, body, and spirit through laying on of hands, prayers for healing, and anointing with holy oil. Prayer are offered for those in need of healing, whether for yourself or for someone you love.

Healing in the Episcopal Church is based on our confidence in the goodness of creation, and God’s desire for life and health for all human beings. We understand healing to be a part of the renewal of the whole person that occurs through the power and in the presence of God.

The laying on of hands for healing has been a part of the ministry of the church since its earliest days. Healing was an integral part of Jesus’ ministry but there are many earlier references to instances of healing in the Old Testament.

Please view our Service and Events Calendar for Future Healing Service Dates.