" is used as an offering for the glory of God and as a help  to the people in their worship....."

                                                                                                            Canon 24, Section 1


Music Team at Holy Cross


The Music Ministry at Holy Cross under the guidance of our Music Staff, and the Worship Committee, led by our clergy Deacon Andy Atkinson and Mother Chana Tetzlaff, strive to abide by the Canon quoted above. Music is chosen so that it creates an environment for worship. At the beginning of each month, our music team reads through the scripture readings, as provided in the Lectionary, and matches, with the help of tools on the internet, the music to the Scripture. The hymns selected are then presented to the Worship Committee for discussion and then approval. The preface to the Hymnal 1982 offers that hymns affirm

"the participation of all in the Body of Christ the Church while recognizing our diverse natures as children of God."

This diverse nature holds true for Holy Cross, although a small community it does reflect many different spiritual journeys and experience.  At Holy Cross even though diverse the overall worship experience is contemporary as opposed to high church. With this contemporary nature in mind the Music Ministry at Holy Cross can affirm this quote from the Preface to the Hymnal 1982,

"Often, consistency of style and practice seemed a less important goal then a representation of the wonderful variety of materials."

In light of this, our music team is constantly seeking out new hymns to broaden our horizons. Based on feedback from the Music Team and the Congregation a new hymn may become a part of our music library.

If you are inspired to be part of the Music Team and want to share your musical talents please contact or join in the weekly practice on Thursdays starting at 6:30 pm.