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At Holy Cross, our ceremonies are more than just rituals; they are heartfelt celebrations that mark significant moments in our spiritual journey. Each ceremony is thoughtfully crafted, resonating with tradition and infused with a touch of the contemporary. Whether commemorating life's milestones or observing sacred practices, our ceremonies inspire reflection, gratitude, and a deeper connection to faith. Join us in these meaningful gatherings and be part of our cherished spiritual tapestry.


At the heart of the Episcopal Church's spiritual journey is the sacrament of baptism, a sacred rite that signifies our commitment to Christ and His teachings. If you are feeling a calling to be a part of our faith community or are curious about the Episcopal way of worship, we encourage you to speak with Rev. Anne Abdy. She is our guiding light and will warmly welcome any inquiries or discussions about joining our church family.

Whether you're new to our faith or seeking to deepen your spiritual understanding, Rev. Anne will guide you through the process. Classes are available to teach you more about Christianity and the distinct traditions of the Episcopal Church. If you have previously been baptized, there's an opportunity for confirmation or, for those confirmed in the Roman Catholic or Orthodox traditions, to be received by the bishop. Remember, anyone whose baptism is registered in an Episcopal parish is already recognized as a member of the Episcopal Church.

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In the Episcopal Church, marriage is a sacred sacrament, symbolizing the bond between two individuals and their connection with Christ. Rooted in tradition and scripture, the wedding ceremony not only unites the couple but invites the congregation to support their lifelong commitment. Those considering an Episcopal wedding undertake spiritual preparation, often including premarital sessions with the priest. This guidance helps couples understand the depth of their commitment and the importance of mutual respect and love. If you're contemplating this spiritual journey, reach out to Rev. Anne Abdy, who stands ready to guide your union in faith and love.


Funerals serve as a profound reflection on the transient nature of life and the eternal promise of God's love. They are occasions to honor the departed, offer solace to the grieving, and reaffirm our faith in the resurrection. During these ceremonies, we express gratitude for the life lived, seek comfort in scripture, and join together in prayer. Rev. Anne Abdy is available to offer compassionate guidance during these challenging times, ensuring the service truly commemorates the life and spirit of the departed. If you or your family are in need, please don't hesitate to reach out to her.

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