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Our Property

In the heart of our community stands Holy Cross Episcopal Church, a humble reflection of collective dedication, grace, and our profound bond with the Divine. Through the years, we've endeavored to create a welcoming space where individuals gather for worship, shared celebrations, and heartfelt meetings.

It's the simple acts of kindness from our parishioners that truly define our church. While we're grateful for professionals who assist in maintaining our sanctuary, the silent gestures from volunteers - be it tidying up, restocking, or gardening - bring warmth to every corner. We're all bound by a simple guiding principle: "leave it better than you found it."

Summer sees our grounds come alive, with both experts and kind-hearted volunteers ensuring the landscape mirrors the peace found within our walls. Overseeing our space, the Holy Cross "Property Team" diligently ensures our church's well-being, reflecting the unwavering dedication of our community. In 2014, with the energy of our youth, a modest Campfire pit emerged. It's become a favorite spot for sharing stories, reflections, and unity.

Adjacent to our main building, we were fortunate to acquire two plots in 2015. From this humble expansion, St. Francis Way was born. More than just a trail, it's a gentle reminder of God's beauty around us. Starting from our cherished memorial garden and stretching past the playful sounds of the children's playground, it offers shaded solace for those seeking a moment with nature. Along the way, simple benches and modest markers, like the Stations of the Cross, invite introspection and gratitude.

Holy Cross isn't just a building; it's where hearts converge, stories intertwine, and spirits are uplifted. As you join us for prayer, gather around the campfire, or take a meditative stroll along St. Francis Way, know that your footsteps add to our cherished tapestry. In our community, every soul matters. Thank you for being a part of our journey. Welcome.

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