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Our Mission

To spread the Good News of our Lord Jesus Christ with love and grace  through worship, study and outreach.

Our Vision

Through prayer and discussion, the 2022 Vestry approved the following, updated vision statement, to guide the parish moving forward.  The Vestry and congregation of Holy Cross will endeavor to:

  • answer God's call to join with other Christians who above all love the Lord and desire to serve God in service and outreach; to grow in faith by being in communion with one another through the worship and study of God's Word.

  • be a church where pastoral care, youth, and outreach are priority ministries; where children are happy and want to be; where clergy and people are charged with proclaiming God's Word to all, especially reaching those not affiliated with a church.

  • be a neighborhood church that professes the love of Christ and shares it freely and openly with all; to provide a place of fun and fellowship, but also a place to be serious in order to grow together in the Lord to form a strong relationship that will last a lifetime - ours and God's.

  • have music that is a blend of traditional hymns from sources such as the Episcopal Church's 1982 Hymnal and contemporary songs from various sources, including the hymn supplements "Wonder, Love and Praise” and Lift Every Voice & Sing"

  • have church facilities that are bright, open, light-filled, that strive to meet the growing needs of the parish.

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