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At Holy Cross, we are passionately involved in a variety of ministries designed to address the spiritual, social, and practical needs of our beloved community. From ceremonies that celebrate life's significant moments to outreach initiatives impacting the broader community, our dedication to service is unwavering. We nurture fellowship within our Men's and Women's Groups, prioritize community welfare, and foster spiritual development with special groups, including the Daughters of the King.  We hope you will find a ministry that you can participate in.

Wedding Portrait on the Beach

Holy Cross offers life-affirming ceremonies steeped in tradition and love. From baptisms to weddings, experience moments of profound spirituality and community. Let our sacred rites mark your milestones, and be part of something greater. Feel the divine touch; let us celebrate with you.

Candle in Hands

Experience Holy Cross's community care, where compassion meets action. Our dedicated team provides support, love, and a helping hand when you need it most. Be part of a community that looks out for each other. Your well-being matters to us; let's uplift each other!

Outside Dinner

Dive into Holy Cross's vibrant groups and organizations. Find your tribe, be it in spiritual discussions, community service, or social gatherings. Together, we learn, serve, and grow. Join us, and find where you belong in a community that cherishes every member.


Join Holy Cross in making a difference through our outreach initiatives. Reach out, touch lives, and create lasting change in our wider community. Every act counts, every heart matters. Let's spread love, hope, and service beyond our walls!

St. Francis Way trail sign.

Embark on a journey through the St. Francis Way Trail at Holy Cross. Immerse yourself in nature's serenity, find spiritual reflection, and retrace steps inspired by St. Francis himself. A path of peace and contemplation awaits. Discover, wander, and connect with the divine in every step.

Happy Kids

Step into our Youth & Family programs, where each generation finds connection and growth. Engage in faith-filled exploration, exciting activities, and bonding within the community. This is where memories are forged and spirituality blossoms. Join the journey and let's craft cherished moments together!

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