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Adult Gospel Study

Adults at Holy Cross, your Sundays are about to deepen in faith and fellowship! Our Adult Christian Formation program is a vibrant space for spiritual growth, where we come together to explore and discuss the day's Gospel reading. It's an open forum led by various lay members, each bringing unique insights and perspectives that enrich our collective understanding.

Beyond Sundays, we journey through the sacred seasons of Advent and Lent with dedicated studies, delving into selected books that challenge and inspire. Plus, local poets grace us with workshops that blend creativity with spirituality, offering new ways to encounter God's word.

Group of diverse individuals sitting around a table with coffee reading the bible.

Your ideas and enthusiasm are the heartbeat of our program. Whether you're leading a discussion or suggesting a new activity, your voice is invaluable. So come, be part of a community that seeks, shares, and grows in faith together. Join us this Sunday and let's continue to shape our spiritual path in fellowship and discovery.

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