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Godly Play

Invite your child to journey through the Bible in a world of wonder and play — enroll them in Godly Play, where every story nurtures the seed of faith in young hearts.

For a quicker check-in, you can pre-register your child’s details using the form below. We can't wait to welcome you and your little ones into the Holy Cross family!

Playground at Holy Cross.

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Our Commitment to Children

We've embraced the Godly Play Program with open arms to enrich the spiritual lives of our children. Our dedicated Godly Play space is crafted with love, filled with vivid materials and biblical stories that bring faith to life for our youngest members.

Step into a room where the Bible's timeless tales unfold through creative storytelling and hands-on engagement. Children explore Scripture, from Creation to the Apostles, through immersive experiences that ignite imagination and build understanding as they grow with the liturgical seasons.

We see every child as a spiritual being with a unique perspective, capable of connecting with God in their own way. That's why our approach goes beyond teaching; it's about guiding them on a personal faith journey, respecting their thoughts and questions, and encouraging their individual expression.

Safety and nurturing care are at the heart of our ministry. Our trained Godly Play facilitators are committed to creating a safe, welcoming environment, backed by Episcopal Church safety standards.

Join us at Holy Cross, where children's spiritual growth is cherished, and watch their relationship with God flourish through the wonder of stories and the joy of play.

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