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Embracing Preparedness

Compassionate Response and Proactive Safety

Rev. Anne Abdy

Embracing Preparedness

From the Priest's Corner

Dear Friends in Christ,

First, to reiterate what our Senior Warden wrote to the Marketing Team: Thank you to all who helped or wanted to help as we responded to a medical crisis at church this past week. My takeaway was that our response was intentional and without any confusion. It was wonderful to see each member care for one of our own – starting with prayer.

As I watched, I remembered my brother’s advice as I prepared to be out of the country for 8 weeks. He said, “If anything happens medically, you want to be able to show the medical staff in Africa a summary of your health history and, definitely, your medication list.” That led me to create such a document that I have kept up to date ever since. And here’s the “aha” moment: I did not carry it with me, but after Sunday’s event—I do now! We never know when we will need others to care for us. I encourage you to consider something similar.

This also brought to mind our Safety Committee.

Some time ago, I asked Ashley Piver, Jan Eudy, and Stacy Collins to look over our policies/procedures related to an Active Shooter event, the safety of the property, trainings that we might need (and want) such as for the use of the AED that’s located in the fellowship hall. These are some of the issues that I have tasked them with.

On a different note, I will be out of town beginning about 3 pm on Friday. If there are pastoral concerns, please contact Becky Underwood, and she can discern if I need to be contacted. I will return to the office on Tuesday, March 12th.

I am excited to announce that the Rev. Pati Mary Andrews will be presiding at both Sunday services. Enjoy!


Rev. Anne

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