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Rev. Anne Attends CREDO Retreat to Deepen Commitment to Self-Care and Ministry

Examine health, replenish the spirit, and rediscover the passion for ministry.

Rev. Anne Abdy

Rev. Anne Attends CREDO Retreat to Deepen Commitment to Self-Care and Ministry

Dear Friends in Christ,

Next Monday I leave to attend the CREDO Retreat #413. It will take place at Trinity Center. I will be meeting with members of the Church Pension Group and other clergy from across the country to explore ways to engage in self-care. This definition is taken from the invitation letter sent to selected designated clergy each year who are invited to attend the conference. So, let me begin with the obvious.

What is CREDO? Since 1997, CREDO conferences have provided clergy with a multifaceted wellness experience that many have described as life-changing. Through exploration of the four component areas – spiritual, vocational, financial, and physical/psychological health – CREDO conference participants explore ways to support personal well-being, a healthy life, and vibrant ministry. A CREDO conference helps clergy examine their health, replenish their spirit, and rediscover the passion that first animated their call to ministry.

CREDO is...

  • An intentional Christ-centered community

  • An experience for the mind, body, spirit and heart

  • A four-step life cycle process of identity, discernment, practice, and transformation

I bring this to your attention not only to notify you that I will be out of town but to ask you this. In this season of Easter, “How are you engaged in self-care?” “Are there tasks, thoughts, perspective’s that you need to adopt or let go?” The adage, “Heal thy Self” has truth because if you or I do not take care of oneself/myself, then how will you/I take care of others? As Paul states in 1 Corinthians 12:12-27—the wonderful passage about the Body of Christ—if one part is not working then the whole part—the community of faithful—is not going to work.

We are a community of giving and loving individuals. Just as CREDO is an intentional Christ-centered community, so are we here at HCEW. What are you doing to be that intentional disciple of Christ which joining together with others becomes the intentional Christian community of Christ here in Wilmington, in Monkey Junction, and in Carolina Beach?


Rev. Anne+

P.S.: While I am away, Becky Underwood will field any concerns for me and contact me if there is a need. Fr. Dick Warner will preside and celebrate Holy Eucharist on Sunday, May 5th.

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