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Groups and Organizations

At Holy Cross, our Groups and Organizations play a pivotal role in nurturing community ties and deepening faith. Their initiatives span from outreach to spiritual enrichment, embodying the church's core values and commitment to service.

Daughters of the King

Daughters of the King Logo

The Daughters of the King is a religious order with members that accept and live by a Rule of Life during their lifetime. Our Rule requires a spiritual discipline of daily prayer, service and evangelism. Our membership includes women in the Anglican, Episcopal, Lutheran and Roman Catholic churches. We pray daily for our clergy, and our chapter at Holy Cross, the Elizabeth Chapter, meets monthly for study, prayer and sharing. Each aspiring member participates in a twelve week course, followed by a service of admission into the Order. There are yearly membership dues, but we are not allowed to conduct fund raising events. We can however, accept donations from outside the Order. The next class for new members will begin in May of this year.

Men of Holy Cross

Men of Holy Cross is a group dedicated to serving the parish, fostering fellowship, and building relationships rooted in Christian values. Open to all males attending Holy Cross, members convene on the third Saturday of each month for a breakfast, typically prepared by two members, and to discuss parish and community projects. These gatherings serve as platforms for planning various activities, from assisting with annual yard sales to envisioning larger events like golf tournaments or spring fairs. Additionally, our Helping Hands ministry aids parish members with one-day tasks requiring a small group of volunteers, ensuring that no one in our community faces challenges alone.

Game with dice and ladders.

Women's Social Group

The Women of Holy Cross actively engage in various social activities, from movie outings to museum visits, welcoming everyone, including men and children. Additionally, they sponsor a monthly Game Night on Fridays from September to May.

Food and Fellowship

Food and Fellowship Groups kick off in September, offering multiple gatherings throughout the year. We have two restaurant-based groups of around 10 members each—one for lunch and another for dinner—and three appetizer groups of about 20 that meet in homes. Hosting for the appetizer groups rotates, with attendees bringing a dish and their preferred drink. These gatherings are a delightful opportunity to bond with fellow parishioners. In alignment with Renewal Works, each meeting is enriched by sharing a scripture verse or prayer, emphasizing our faith-driven journey.

Lunch with Friends
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