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Priest's Corner for March 23, 2023

Can you see the light? We’re almost in Jerusalem. We still have miles to go, but we can see the city in the distance. I’ve been thinking about prayer. Maybe because our discussion from Richard Foster…

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  • Priest's Corner for March 9, 2023

    So, how is it going? Has your Lenten practice faded like a New Year’s resolution the third week of January? Are you still searching for a Lenten practice? For any, it is giving up something or taking on something. This y… Continue reading

  • Episcopal Farm Workers Update

    The Episcopal Farm Workers Ministry is a fantastic organization that helps farm workers and their families. They do amazing work like providing food banks, emergency shelters, and healthcare services to those in ne… Continue reading

  • Priest Corner for March 2,2023

    “Then Jesus was led up by the Spirit into the wilderness.” Matthew 4:1I have been thinking about that small sentence. 11 words. A lot ispacked into this sentence. We know that in context, Jesus left the“living waters”—th… Continue reading

  • Priest's Corner for 1/12/2023

    As what is custom in this day and age, those who have put up Christmas decorations have long since taken them down. Since the Christian world entered Epiphany only last Friday, the greening of the church, the twinkling l… Continue reading

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