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The St. Francis Way

Holy Cross is fortunate to have almost seven acres of property surrounding the church that includes a nature trail, prayer path, and nature play space.

St. Francis Way was created to give our community a place to connect with the beauty of God’s creation. Arbors mark the beginning and end of the approximately 1/3- mile pathway, and an entrance leads from the memorial garden and children's playground. The trail crosses a ditch and winds through the woods, where it is cool and shady. Stations of the Cross have been placed along the way to encourage prayer and reflection. There are benches and a gazebo for rest, meditation, or small group worship.  When visiting St Francis Way, you may meet some of our immediate neighbors who regularly walk the path for recreation.

Because children are our future and we know that they are having less and less interaction with nature, we decided to dedicate part of the woods to a play space for children. Research shows that nature play can help children develop the ability to focus more deeply and can foster the development of relationships.  For children and adults alike, spending time in nature can also deepen our connection to God, the Creator. The play space has a covered sandbox, a tree house, a mud kitchen, and a slack line. There is a large table for crafts and room to explore. The children’s play space is used for Sunday School, Vacation Bible School, and
community play dates.

Direct any questions, ideas, or concerns to Rene Gouverneur. 

We appreciate your support of this emerging ministry! 

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