The St. Francis Way

St. Francis Way (SFW) 

We are embarking on a new ministry at Holy Cross -- St. Francis Way. We are utilizing the beautiful acreage on our property in hopes to serve of serving our community. The SFW Committee envisions the creation of a nature trail/prayer path and nature play space in our woods. Much of this work has already begun with clearing and embellishing the natural flow of this space. There will soon be two pergolas that will be erected by our youth which mark the start and end of the path. Our children have been gathering amid nature along the path during Summer Sunday School, and VBS children have utilized this space as well.  This fall we have built a sandbox, tree house and slack line. 

Beginning with our young people! 

We know that children are spending less and less time interacting with nature which is having a negative impact on their development. Research shows that nature play can help children develop the ability to focus more deeply and can foster the development of relationships. For children and adults alike, spending time in nature can also deepen our connection to God, the Creator. 

Extending to our adults and our community 

We envision this space being used in a variety of ways. For children: outdoor worship, neighborhood family play dates, outreach to local schools, school field trips, and more. This is a great way to make connections with our neighbors and provide children with critical experiences in nature. For adults, we see the use of this space for worship, reflection, and prayer. 

In the first year, we plan to have the following ready for use: 

Nature path Outdoor worship space Play area including a mud kitchen/café, building area - small logs and branches, sand pit, low tree house, and art area Our long range plans include adding a labyrinth. 

How you can get involved...our needs 

Direct any questions, ideas, concerns to Rene Gouverneur. 

Thank you for your support of this emerging ministry!