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Join us on Sunday

If you are interested in serving in any of the positions below, please contact the admin office and they can arrange training for you.

Sunday Servants

Why Sunday Servants Shine in the Episcopal Church:


Celebrate Liturgy Together: Ever been moved by the beauty of our worship? That's the magic of liturgy in action! By becoming a Sunday Servant, you get to be a part of this wondrous dance, helping make every service a memorable journey for all.


Be Part of Our Big Family: We're more than just a congregation; we're a family. And every family thrives when everyone pitches in. When you step into a Sunday Servant role, you'll feel that warm embrace and the joy of serving side by side with your spiritual siblings.

Carry the Torch for All: Our worship isn’t just led by the clergy—it's a shared experience. As a Sunday Servant, you represent all of us, making sure everyone feels seen, heard, and cherished. Your role symbolizes our collective spirit and shared commitment.

Why Newcomers (Yes, You!) Should Dive In:

Deepen Your Connection: There's a certain spark that comes from being directly involved. As a Sunday Servant, you'll find your relationship with faith becomes richer, more personal, and incredibly rewarding.

Find Your Second Home: New to our community? There's no better way to feel at home than to jump right in! By joining our team of Sunday Servants, you’ll make friends, share stories, and build bonds that last a lifetime.

Grow and Shine: This isn't just about serving; it's about blossoming. Taking on a role lets you explore new horizons, from understanding Scripture better to honing your public speaking skills.

Share the Love: We're all about giving and caring. When you serve as a Sunday Servant, you're not just contributing to our church; you're radiating love, kindness, and grace to every single member.

So, curious about being part of this beautiful journey?


We'd absolutely love to have you! Dive in, spread your wings, and let's make every worship experience even more special together. Be sure to contact the admin office for more information. 🌷🌟

Newcomer Greeters

These individuals arrive early for church services to welcome newcomers, assisting them with nametags, guiding them through service, and introducing them to the congregation. Their goal is to make new attendees feel comfortable and integrated into the church community.


Lay Eucharistic Visitors

Appointed before the final blessing during the Sunday service, these individuals bring the Eucharist to those recovering at home or in hospitals. They may visit members or non-members of Holy Cross and receive annual training and licensing by the diocese.


Lay Reader / Chalice Bearer

Arriving ahead of service, these individuals read Sunday passages, lead prayers, and assist with communion. They are trained and licensed annually by the diocese to execute this spiritually enriching role.


Prayers of the People

Individuals in this role read out specific prayers during services. They refer to a binder at the back of the church to include special prayer requests, such as for healing, armed forces, and celebrations like birthdays.



Ushers facilitate seating, aid with offertory collection, and direct communicants during the service, ensuring smooth proceedings.


Media Team

Responsible for displaying upcoming events on the TV in the gathering room, they also handle sound recording of Sunday sermons, ensuring they're available on the church's website.

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