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In the embrace of the Episcopal Church, we are welcomed into a sanctuary that radiates both warmth and sacredness. Here, believers from all walks of life unite, their hearts echoing with shared devotion and reverence. If you're new to our community, we extend a heartfelt invitation to 'Come and See' what we're all about. Through our collective worship, we are drawn ever closer to the profound and divine mystery of Christ's boundless love. Our journey is one of faith, connection, and deep spiritual enrichment, and we would be honored to share it with you.

Easter Sunday lillies in front of the alter at Holy Cross


Worship at Holy Cross embodies the rich traditions of the Episcopal Church, inviting everyone to experience the profound story of God's enduring love through the Service of Holy Communion as outlined in The Book of Common Prayer. It's a time of praise, prayer, learning, and deeply connecting with God's real presence, culminating in a shared meal where all are welcomed to partake in the bread and cup, no matter where they are in their spiritual journey."


Our worship is enriched by a vibrant tapestry of music, combining contemporary styles with traditional hymns, reflecting our congregation's diverse spiritual journeys. Led by our Music Director, Ethan Roeben, and accompanied by a dynamic choir and a mix of string and wind instruments, each song is thoughtfully selected to resonate with the church's seasons and readings. Beyond the familiar tunes of the Episcopal Hymnal, we are ever-evolving, seeking fresh hymns to expand our spiritual repertoire. If you're moved by the power of music and wish to contribute, we invite you to be part of our Music Team — reach out to us or attend our Tuesday practices at 6:30 pm.

Christmas Eve Service with servants reading the nativity story

Sunday Servants

Sunday Servants at Holy Cross play integral roles in enhancing the worship experience for the congregation. From welcoming newcomers to reading prayers, facilitating communion, and ensuring sound recordings, each servant contributes uniquely to the seamless execution of the service, embodying the spirit of community and worship.

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