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Youth and Adults standing on the ridge at Glory Ridge Camp with the mountains in the background.

Youth & Family

Mission trip to Glory Ridge.

At Holy Cross, our Youth and Family Ministries focus on nurturing our 6th – 12th graders, their families, and younger children. We are committed to deepening our bonds with one another and our connection to God. Recognizing the significance of our youth, we don't just see them as the "future" – they are the heart of our church today. Our monthly events reinforce the faith lessons learned in church, complemented by diocesan programs that offer a broader perspective.

Additionally, we collaborate with St. James on the IGNITE program, amplifying our impact.

Our family and children's initiatives host monthly activities to engage all family members. We invite you to help our ministry flourish by bringing friends and their families to our events. Experience the faith and community spirit of Holy Cross with us!

Our Mission: To lay a robust foundation for our youth and families, fostering integrity, empathy, and deepening faith as active members of our church community.

Our Vision: For Holy Cross to be a haven where youth and families delve into Christianity's depth, journeying in Christ's love and light.

Our Goals:

  • Enhance our Christian education with impactful events and imaginative activities.

  • Prioritize relationship-based ministries.

  • Celebrate and harness the unique contributions of our youth.

  • Motivate youth and families to engage in church events, both locally and beyond.

  • Mentor our youth in recognizing their unique skills beneficial to the community.

  • Guide our youth towards a lifelong relationship with Christ.

  • Consistently offer enriching weekly programs for our youth.

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