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14 Dec, 2017
16 Dec, 2017
16 Dec, 2017
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There’s a phrase that, every time I hear it, irritates me to no end. It’s not intended to be an irritant, often the opposite. It’s meant as a sign of respect. And so I take it for what it is. But I he…

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  • Pansies, Preparation, and Peace

    Yesterday, I planted 6 pots full of pansies...purple, yellow, and some kind of burning mix of orange, red, and yellow.  I began by pulling out the old plants - basil, coleus, and vinca - then pulled off my gloves and got… Continue reading

  • ERD for Advent

    You can support the work of Episcopal Relief & Development simply by doing your Christmas shopping: ·      Gifts for Life is ERD’s program for providing alternative gifts to those that really need them while honori… Continue reading

  • Connections with Friends Update

    Connections with Friends has had a busy fall season. Two trips were offered to Kenansville and New Bern.  The ladies who attended had fun and reported that it was a good way to get to know other ladies in our church fam… Continue reading

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  • Meet the Eyles

    CV: When did you first start attending?  SE: We started coming this spring. I think in May.  CV: How did you hear about Holy Cross?  SE: E Stanfield. E and I have been friends for about 5 years and met because Hazel and Dy… Continue reading